Sharp Sand

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Sharp Sand is your ally for strength and precision in construction and landscaping. Available in Bulk, 1/2 Bulk, and 25kg bags, it’s designed for versatility and optimal performance.

Product Details

Unlock the next level of construction and landscaping excellence with Atherstone Landscapes’ Sharp Sand. Known for its fine, gritty texture and unmatched consistency, it is the preferred choice for professionals aiming for precision, strength, and a flawless finish in their projects.

Our Sharp Sand is versatile, making it an invaluable component in concrete mixing, paving, rendering, and even horticultural pursuits. Its excellent drainage properties and ability to reduce soil compaction make it a favourite among landscapers and builders alike.

Packaged for Your Convenience:

  • Bulk Bag: Ideal for extensive projects, offering ample volume and top-tier quality.
  • 1/2 Bulk Bag: Your go-to for medium-sized tasks, a harmony of quantity and manageability.
  • 25kg Bags: Perfect for small-scale needs and touch-ups, embodying precision and efficiency.

With Atherstone Landscapes’ Sharp Sand, every grain is a step towards impeccable quality, enduring strength, and aesthetic mastery in your constructions and landscaping ventures. Welcome to a world where each project is a testament to excellence and precision.

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