Fully Framed Feather Edge Panels

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Enhance your outdoor privacy and aesthetics with our Fully Framed Feather Edge Panels. Available in sizes 6×2 to 6×6, these durable, elegant fences are designed for lasting allure and strength.

Product Details

Step into the world of enduring elegance with our Fully Framed Feather Edge Panels, where every piece is a harmony of strength, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with precision and care, these panels are not just barriers but artistic installations that elevate the charisma of your outdoor spaces.

Each panel, available in sizes from 6×2 to 6×6 feet, is meticulously crafted to offer not just privacy but a visual allure that stands the test of time. The feather edge construction ensures durability, while the full framing adds an extra layer of strength and sophistication.

Tailored to Fit Every Space:

  • 6×2: Compact yet robust, ideal for delineating spaces without obscuring views.
  • 6×3 & 6×4: Offering a balance of privacy and aesthetic appeal, adaptable to diverse landscapes.
  • 6×5 & 6×6: Engineered for optimal privacy and security, without compromising on elegance.

With Atherstone Landscapes’ Fully Framed Feather Edge Panels, embrace a world where each fencing solution is a masterpiece of strength, privacy, and artistic elegance. Your serene, private, and charming outdoor retreat awaits.

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