Top Soil
Rolawn Topsoil is a high quality, fertile, peat free, organic rich multi-purpose topsoil, which is a blend of topsoil recovered from prime arable land, peat-free soil conditioners and sand. It is ideal for planting and landscaping where a quality outcome is essential. It is light, friable and easy to work, even in wet conditions.

Blended Loam 500ltr Bag 0.5m3 - £70.00 inc vat
Turf & Lawn Seed Topping 500ltr Bag 0.5m3 - £95.00 inc vat
Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil 500ltr Bag 0.5m3 - £95.00 inc vat
Beds & Boarders Topsoil 500ltr Bag 0.5m3 - £95.00 inc vat

Atherstone Landscapes  Top Soil - half bulk Bag £35.00, Bulk bulk £60.00 inc vat


Rolawn is Europe's largest producer of cultivated grass turf and has been growing for over 40 years. Always at the forefront of our industry, Rolawn is recognised as the growers of Britain's Finest Turf, developing not only the turf, but the customised machines to grow it and our unique, patented Profresh® system that ensures it arrives with our customers in excellent condition.

Medalion Turf (1m2) - £4.50



We only supply the best turf and lawn supplies. If you do want turf we do request you order by 5pm Monday so it is ready for delivery or collection on the following Thursday/Friday.

Each roll covers 1m2 

£4.50 a roll

Please do read our Facebook reviews on the quality of the turf.

We also stock Lawn Seed and Lawn Fertiliser.

All of our website prices include VAT 



 £4.50 inc Vat