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Lawn Seed
Rolawn Medallion® Premium Lawn seed is the same seed used to produce Rolawn's award winning Medallion® Turf. The seed mix is a superior ryegrass/fescue blend of the most advanced cultivars available, selected for rapid lawn establishment, giving high wear resistance, drought & shade tolerance and excellent colour year round.

20kg Bag Coverage: New lawns approx. 560m² overseeding approx. 880m²

Medallion Premium Lawn Seed (1.5kg box) - £25.00 inc vat - in store

Medallion Premium Lawn Seed (20kg bag) - £160.00 inc vat - order only 

Soil Improver
Rolawn Soil Improver is a high specification, peat free soil improver, produced from natural ingredients in accordance with BSI PAS100:2011 which will enhance soil structure and fertility.

Soil Improver 500ltr bag 0.5m3 - £85.00 inc vat 

Lawn Topdressing 500ltr Bag 0.5m3 - £135.00 inc vat 

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Lawn Fertiliser
Rolawn GroRight® Lawn Fertiliser is a unique, slow release pre-turfing and seeding fertiliser that feeds turf and grass seed from the roots up to ensure your new lawn gets off to the best possible start. Use all year round in any soil type.

Rolawn GroRight® Lawn Fertiliser's mini granules promote even distribution of nutrients within the soil, ensuring strong root establishment. They also protect turf from "hot" spots because each small granule contains less fertiliser than a large granule. Furthermore, these mini granules control the release of fertiliser with precision, without affecting soil pH levels.

Grow Right Lawn Establishment Fertiliser (5kg bag) - £34.00


Rolawn bark chippings are of a consistent high quality and supplied from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources. Bark mulch will inhibit weed development, reducing ongoing maintenance, improve moisture retention, reducing the need for irrigation and act as an insulation for plant roots, reducing plant loss in cold weather.

Landscaping Bark Rolawn 500ltr Bag - £90.00 inc vat 

Play Grade Bark Rolawn 500ltr Bag - £120.00 inc vat 

Atherstone Landscapes  Bark - £68.00 inc vat 

Play Chips 500ltr Bag - £110.00 inc vat 

Decorative bark chips 50ltr Bag - £5.50 inc vat