The Riven sandstone range is unique and full of character, with its beautiful colour blends and textured veining on the surface. This collection of Natural stone is charming and offers a traditional look to any garden. A stunning Indian natural stone, calibrated to ensure easy installation.



Silver Grey Patio Pack Only

Each pack covers 15.3m2

NOW ONLY £380.00


Each pack covers 15.3 square metres - 48 different size pavers  per pack

£45.00 inc Vat per square metre 

£435.00 inc Vat per pack 


Singoli Riven

£45.00 inc vat m2

£470.00 inc vat per pack

Fern Riven

Autumnal blend of colours, The mix of green, pink, beige, cream and orange paving.

£435.00 inc vat

Silver Riven

Mix of light and dark grey with silver waves in the paving.

NOW ONLY £380.00


Singoli Riven 

Cool shades Off-white, cream, grey and pink with light purple undertones in the paving.

£470.00 inc vat

Fossil Mint Riven

Lighter blend. Cream,pink,brown and beige paving.

£435.00 inc vat

Gurdha Riven 

Orange Hues and a deeper mix of pink, red and beige paving.

£435.00 inc vat

Modac Riven 

A blend of pinks, light browns & beige paving

£435.00 inc vat