Ethan Mason - Sandstone paving 

The Riven sandstone range is unique and full of character, with its beautiful colour blends and textured veining on the surface.

This collection of Natural stone is charming and offers a traditional look to any garden.

A stunning Indian natural stone, calibrated to ensure easy installation.

Each pack covers 15.3 square metres - 48 different size pavers  per pack

£35.00 per square metre 

£535.00 per pack inc VAT

Fern RivenAutumnal blend of colours, The mix of green, pink, beige, cream and orange paving.

Silver Riven - Mix of light and dark grey with silver waves in the paving.


Silongi Riven - Cool shades Off-white, cream, grey and pink with light purple undertones in the paving.
Fossil Mint Riven - Lighter blend. Cream,pink,brown and beige paving. Gurdha Riven - Orange Hues and a deeper mix of pink, red and beige paving. Modac Riven - Blend of red, light and dark pink paving.