Rutland Collection 

The Rutland Paving Range has been designed to re-create the look of natural stone at an in expensive price. The range is available in three colours as well as a choice  of either single sized or pre packed patio packs.




Mellow Stone Winter Stone Autumn Gold 


Patio pack covers 7.2m² from £145.00 inc vat - 600x600mm x12 600x300mm x16 in each pack 

600x600 from £8.00 inc vat

600x300 from £5.50 inc vat

450x450 from £3.50 inc vat

Other sizes and patio packs are available to order, please contact the office on 01827 714747 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Rutland Paving 







Rutland Paving has been designed to re-create the look of natural stone. This range is available in in 3 colours as well as a choice of sizes. These can be brought own their own or as part of a Patio pack.

Patio packs cover 7.2m2 and come with 600x600 - 12qty and 600x300 - 16qty This patio pack is called Oakham

We have these items on display in our shop.

Prices start from £145.00 per patio pack - inc vat




 Mellow Stone 

 Autumn Gold

 Winter Stone 

Textured Paving 

Textured paving is a popular paver, the surface is shot blasted to expose the limestone aggregate with the product. This process adds a durable slip resistant feature. Straight edges allow them to be placed side by side for a contemporary look or with small gaps for a traditional style.

Sizes 600mmx600mm in stock 

Prices from £10.90 inc vat


Natural Dark Grey Red Yellow








Courtyard Paving 

Courtyard paving has been designed to give the look of aged foot worn flagstones.

The colour is Old grey and this item can be purchased in Patio packs covering 7.2m2 or single pavers.

Patio packs contain 600x600 - 12qty 600x300 - 16qty

The patio pack style name is Oakham

Prices start from £170.00 per patio pack - inc vat


Old Grey 








Premier Riven Paving 

Premier riven paving is great for all landscaping projects, it has a riven surface and virtually straight edges, which enables you to create a more contemporary look by placing them with minimal joints or by placing further part with wider joints for a more traditional look.

There are three colours (below) & three sizes 450mmx450mm, 300mmx600mm, 600mmx600mm.

From £3.00 inc vat


Dark Grey Natural Stone